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Audio Library — Subject: Bible

The Bible

This message speaks of the importance of the Bible. It explains that the Bible is God's word, inspired by Him and therefore living and powerful.

Message Number: 1  •  Subjects: Bible

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The Living Word and Written Word of God

There is a relationship between the written word of God and the Living Word, which is the Lord Jesus Christ. Both are sources of life and light, truth, food for the soul, and must be received by faith.

Message Number: 60  •  Subjects: Bible Christ

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The Word of God

This message speaks of the various elements that make the Bible unique.

Message Number: 93  •  Subjects: Bible

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Our Unchangeable God

God and His Word are unchangeable and unfailing.

Message Number: 96  •  Subjects: Bible

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Fulfilled Prophecy

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is and will always be true. Just as we can see how prophecies have been fulfilled in the past, we can trust that God will be faithful to continue to keep His promises, fulfilling future prophesies too.

Message Number: 175  •  Subjects: Bible Prophecy

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