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Want to get your tract published?

Do you have an idea for a Gospel Tract that you would like to see published? Are you looking for the perfect way to reach out to others who share your favorite hobby, sport, activity, or interest? Is your heart burdened to share your testimony with friends, family, and others that you meet? Do you need custom materials to help make your mission trip a real success? is here to help. Our professional design and editing staff will turn your message and ideas into an attractive, effective, full-color tract. Then, our discounted printing options give you access to professional printing at affordable pricing on orders ranging from 100 to 10,000 copies.

How Do I Get Started?

First, you need a message. For some people, it’s their personal testimony. For others, it might be a Gospel message themed around a favorite Bible verse, hobby, or sport. Some even have an out-of-print tract they would like to see published again. As long as it's your message (or we can obtain permission to use it), we will work with you produce an attractive, effective Gospel Tract.

Next, we encourage you to review and revise your message. If all you have is a rough draft, please take a few days to work through some revisions. While our editorial team will review and enhance your message as needed, we do ask that you take the necessary time to make sure you’re happy with your manuscript before submitting it to us.

Finally, you send us your file(s) and design ideas. We currently produce 5 types of tracts, including: Standard Tracts, Flyer Tracts, Postcard Tracts, Mini Card Tracts, and Calendar Card Tracts. You choose the type of tract you want based on your vision and the length of your message, and submit your tract by providing some details and placing your order for custom tract design.

What Happens Next?

Then, we go to work. Our editorial team will review your message to correct any grammatical issues and ensure it complies with our statement of faith and publishing guidelines. Using the information you provide, our designers will prepare a layout and email a proof for you to review. If there is anything to fix, or if you would like to make changes to the design or message, we will send multiple proofs until you are perfectly happy. The first three proofs are included at no charge; additional proofs are $24.99 each.

As soon as you approve the final proof, we will publish your tract to the tract library. At that time, you will receive a $20 gift certificate which you can apply toward printing your tract ... or anything else in our store. Every time we print your tract (for you, or for someone else), you will receive more credits: 5% of each order goes back to you in the form of a gift certificate.

Ready to get started? Click here to select a format and submit your tract.

Questions? Most commonly asked questions are answered in our FAQ. If your question isn’t covered there, please feel free to contact us.