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The choice of how you publish your tract is entirely up to you. However, we encourage you to review the tables below before you make an informed decision.

Design and Publishing

PrintMyTract Do-It-Yourself Commercial Printer
Professional design and editing: We live in a day where image is important. If your tract looks unprofessional, or if your message is hard to read, most people will simply put it down. Our professional design and editing help to enhance your tract’s ability to catch someone’s eye and reach someone’s heart. YES MAYBE YES
High-quality artwork: Never underestimate the power of an image. Unfortunately, the clip-art that came with your computer probably won’t compel someone to pick up and read your tract. We have access to more than 60 million licensed, professional images, and will find the perfect one(s) for your tract. YES MAYBE YES
Doctrinal clarity: When sharing the soul-saving message of Christ, accuracy and clarity are very important. We review all tracts, offering suggestions (if needed) on how to make your message even better. YES MAYBE NO
Ministry Experience: Our parent company, Moments With The Book, is a not-for-profit ministry which has been producing Gospel literature for more than 60 years. We put that experience to work in every project, so while our services are purely professional, our heart is ministry-focused. YES MAYBE NO
Technology: From computers and software to our website and communications, we leverage the finest tools possible to bring your message to life and make your experience with us a pleasant one. YES MAYBE MAYBE
PMTpoints: Every time your tract is ordered (by you, or by someone else), you will receive a 5% credit toward your next order. YES NO NO



PrintMyTract Do-It-Yourself Commercial Printer
First-class equipment: Is there a difference between a tract produced on a $99 printer and a million-dollar press? Absolutely. Why settle for an ink-jet printout, or even a color copy when you can have magazine-quality printing?* YES NO MAYBE
High-quality paper: Our tracts are printed on high-quality coated paper. If you try to buy this paper for your home printer, it will cost about 10 cents per tract (or more)—just for the paper! YES MAYBE MAYBE
Full color: Every tract we produce is printed in full, vibrant color. To try to duplicate this at home using an ink-jet printer is not only impossible, but also very expensive: the ink alone will cost you about 18 cents per tract (or more). YES MAYBE YES
Finishing services: Have you ever trimmed and folded a hundred tracts by hand? How about a thousand? When you order folded tracts from us, all of the finishing is included—as well as the shrink-wrapping of folded tracts­—at no extra charge.** YES NO MAYBE
Low prices: Because we are a ministry, we offer low prices that are usually far less than comparable printing from other sources. Once you add up the cost of paper and ink, we can even beat your do-it-yourself cost for most items! YES MAYBE NO

* Orders for printing fewer than 500 tracts, as well as Rush orders for fewer than 1,000 tracts may be printed using commercial digital equipment. All other orders are printed on offset presses.

** To provide you with faster service, Rush orders may ship without shrink-wrapping.