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Sales Tax

Will I be charged sales tax?

If you are located OUTSIDE of Pennsylvania, you will NOT be charged sales tax.

However, we are required by law to collect sales tax from customers with an office in the state of Pennsylvania.

What if I'm tax exempt?

If you have a current valid exemption from PA Sales Tax, make sure that we receive a completed and signed copy of form PA REV-1220 (you can download a partially-prefilled form with instructions below). Once we have received and verified your exempt status, we will mark your account as tax-exempt for all future orders. If you were charged sales tax while you were tax-exempt, we can issue a refund for orders placed in the past three months.

My (church, ministry, etc.) is in Pennsylvania. How do I know if I am exempt from PA sales tax?

Please note that to be exempt from paying PA sales tax, your organization must have completed the PA "Application for Sales Tax Exemption" (form REV-72) and been approved. When you are approved, you will receive a certificate that looks like this. Please note that churches and other non-profits are not automatically exempt from PA sales tax.

I'm filling out the REV-1220 form, but don't know my Exemption Number. Where can I find it?

Your exemption number is found on your "Sales Tax Certificate Of Exemption." See example here.

Download Related File

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