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Sales Tax

Will I be charged sales tax?

We are currently required to collect sales tax in the states listed below. Our checkout system will automatically collect the correct sales tax based on your shipping address. If your order is shipping to a state NOT listed below, you will NOT be charged sales tax.

What if I'm ordering by mail?

If you live in one of the states listed below, you can use this tool to determine the correct sales tax rate. It will ask for your shipping address to accurately calculate the total of state and local taxes.

What if I'm tax exempt?

If you have a current valid sales tax exemption for the items in your order, please make sure to send us a completed copy of the proper exemption form before placing your order. Once we have received and verified your exempt status, we will mark your account as tax-exempt for future orders. Please note that we are not able to issue refunds for sales tax paid on orders placed before your exemption paperwork is received and processed.

You can download the appropriate form for your state by clicking the name of your state in the list below. If you are in Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, or Maryland, please provide us with the documentation you received from your state when you were granted a sales tax exemption. Please submit your completed form(s) to us at, along with the contact information (name, address) for the account you want us to mark as exempt.