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The Bible

This message speaks of the importance of the Bible. It explains that the Bible is God's word, inspired by Him and therefore living and powerful.

Message Number: 1  •  Subjects: Bible

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Jesus: The Theme of the Scriptures

Jesus is the theme of the scriptures. He can be seen in various promises, pictures, psalms, and prophecies.

Message Number: 2  •  Subjects: Christ

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Cain, Abel and the Cross

As shown by the account of Cain and Abel, the only way to heaven is by the way of the cross and the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Message Number: 3  •  Subjects: Salvation  •  Book: Genesis

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Noah and the Ark

This message speaks of God's salvation from judgment through the picture of Noah and the ark.

Message Number: 4  •  Subjects: Judgment  •  Book: Genesis

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Lamb of God (Genesis 22)

In the account of Abraham offering up his only son Isaac, we can see a type of God. He offered His only Son Jesus to be the sacrifice for our sin.

Message Number: 5  •  Subjects: Sacrifice  •  Book: Genesis

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