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Audio Library — Subject: Faith

Two Hearts Unfolded

Faith must be based on the Word of God and not on the traditions of men.

Message Number: 45  •  Subjects: Faith  •  Book: Matthew

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Psalm 103

David, in Psalm 103, is looking forward to the coming of Christ. He recounts the blessings received and praises the Lord.

Message Number: 227  •  Subjects: Faith  •  Book: Psalms

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Faith is the only way that we can come to God. This message not only tells what faith is, but what it does as shown in several examples found in the “faith chapter."

Message Number: 333  •  Subjects: Faith  •  Book: Hebrews

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The faith of Rahab is shown in this message. Just like Rahab was eventually delivered from her sin by faith, we can be delivered from sin as well.

Message Number: 351  •  Subjects: Bible Characters Faith  •  Book: Joshua

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James, Faith in Action (1 of 5)

This is the first in a series of five expository messages on the book of James, which stresses the importance of the exhibition of faith through Godly works. This message covers James chapter 1.

Message Number: 1130  •  Subjects: Faith  •  Series: Faith in Action (James)  •  Book: James

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