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Audio Library — Book: Matthew

The Parable of the Ten Virgins

Jesus speaks of His second coming by using the parable of the ten virgins. The wise virgins speak of those who are believers and the foolish virgins are those who are unbelievers.

Message Number: 18  •  Subjects: Prophecy  •  Book: Matthew

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Two Hearts Unfolded

Faith must be based on the Word of God and not on the traditions of men.

Message Number: 45  •  Subjects: Faith  •  Book: Matthew

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Signs of the Lord's Coming

There are various signs that point to the nearness of the coming of the Lord.

Message Number: 92  •  Subjects: Prophecy  •  Book: Matthew

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Revealer of Hearts

Is your heart right with God? Study Matthew 18 to find out.

Message Number: 172  •  Book: Matthew

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Are You Ready?

Using a parable in Matthew’s Gospel, this message talks about signs of Christ’s second coming. The time when He shall come is uncertain so we must be ready at any moment.

Message Number: 222  •  Subjects: Parables  •  Book: Matthew

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