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Going to Heaven?

Take this simple quiz to find out

Select the answer for each question that best describes your life and habits. Be sure to be completely honest, and this quiz is guaranteed to tell you whether or not you will enter the pearly gates.

Have you ever committed... (select the first answer that applies)
Murder, Adultery, or Fornication
Robbery, Assault, or Theft
Traffic Violation, Vandalism
None of the above

How often do you get drunk or use drugs?
Once per week or more
Once a month or so
Only a few times in my life

How often do you swear?
Every other word
Only when I'm mad or hurt

Have you ever... (select the first answer that applies)
Planned to do something bad?
Avoided doing something good?
Made fun of someone?
None of the above

How often do you go to church?
On Christmas and Easter
Two or three times per month
Once per week or more

How much of your money do you donate?
Less than 10 percent
At least 10 percent

How many good deeds do you do?
What's a good deed?
Maybe one or two per week
At least one every day

How often do you lie or avoid telling the truth?
Several times every day
More than once per week
Once in a while