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Letters & Testimonials

Here are some encouraging excerpts from the feedback we receive regarding how the Lord is using the various ministries here at Moments With The Book. Have a report or testimony to share? Please drop us a note so we can rejoice with you.


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“My dad was saved by a ripped up gospel tract, so handing out tracts is very important to me.” David then went on to share the account of his father’s incredible testimony: “One morning, as he wearily headed for his bed after working the graveyard shift, someone offered him a small pamphlet. Its title read simply, ‘The Bread of Life.’ Now, Tony had been warned about people like this who wanted to brainwash good catholics. He didn’t want to take any chances, but he had also been taught to be polite. What should he do? He took the tract, but when he had a moment of privacy on the bus, he surreptitiously tore the tract into small pieces and slipped it back into his pocket. He would have to wait for a later time to dispose of it. But with his bed waiting, he completely forgot about the torn pieces...

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Friends in Christ, thank you for your wonderful generosity in helping us with a steady supply of Bible tracts. They are a life blood to this ministry, and we thank you for your provision of them. We are serving the equivalent of 14 jails in 9 actual jails and will serve between 4000-5000 men, women, and children in the year 2024. We do water baptisms where jails allow and have baptized over 40 people this year! This year I have seen a hunger in the jails untold of in the past 30 years of this ministry. Your tracts are so much appreciated and vital to us.


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Thank you for all that you are doing to get God’s Holy Word into the hands of people that I meet in my daily life. May God bless you all.


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Thank you so much! I love your tracts! I wished I had discovered them sooner. I am now 88 years old, and having so much FUN sending these out and giving them to family and friends and the unsaved.


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I gave my life to Jesus and want to share the good news about His glorious love with others. God bless you.