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Thank you so very much for the work that you do for the Lord. It is greatly appreciated, as your tracts and literature helps me tremendously with the work Jesus puts into my hand.


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Someone put Moments For You on the theme of humility in my hand.  I haven't read anything outside of God's Word that I enjoyed more. I would greatly appreciate it if you could put me on your mailing list. I promise to read every word in it and then pass it on.  


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You folks have some of the finest tracts, most reasonably priced and an excellent website....even easy for ME to use!  And the imprinting is  reasonably priced.  I appreciate the text of your tracts.  They emphasize belief in Christ not "say this prayer".  Thank you.


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The Lord has impressed upon my heart that the best way to get the Gospel into co-workers hands in a personal way would be to surprise them with homemade birthday or work anniversary cards. They are very well received. I work in a large company and to date I've given out at least 800 cards along with your Romans Road calendar cards. I also give out your calendars when checking out at stores, when leaving tips, and include them in all bills that I pay. I leave them in medical offices, give them to gas station attendants, include them in Christmas cards and other personal cards that I send. I look for every opportunity I possibly can to use your pocket calendars and tracts. Thank you! I don't have many chances to "speak" to individual people, but as the Lord spoke of Mary, "She hath done what she could"...I can...

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Thank you for responding to the mail that I write to you. I was witnessing to another soul here in prison. He didn't have a bible, so I gave him mine. I really should stop giving my bible to people that don't have one, because it leaves me without one! I am asking if you could please send me another bible and some Christian literature. Also, please pray for me.