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Letters & Testimonials


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I had to write to thank you for producing the Motion Tracts. They are very useful in reaching out with the word. I love to give out a card with the smiley faces on it, and say "have a smile". It has brought joy not only to me, but to the recipient. It has opened so many doors. More importantly, God's word is getting into countless hearts!


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I would like to drop you a note of great appreciation and thanks for the help you've been to our ministry this year. We have been the fortunate recipients of thousands of booklets and tracts from various distributors. I must say that the quality of the material you have sent us surely was of the highest quality I have seen in the many years I've been here. Without these materials, many inmates may not have come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.


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Last week in the prison yard, we handed out a lot of the gospel tracts you sent us and prayed for people. I always thank God for you. He knows your work and your work is very important. Many brothers in Christ here in prison are now sharing the gospel with their family and loved ones by sending your tracts to them in the mail. It is amazing and it always brings joy when a brother comes to me asking for tracts to send home. Thank you!


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Thank you for your excellent Gospel materials and generosity in providing them. Your Calendar Cards are the most sought after idem I distribute.


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Thank you for all the years of faithful giving to our little ministry. There are other ministries out there that produce KJV materials, but they are only focused on salvation, and then the new believer is left stranded. But your ministry teaches them as we do, there is a great deal more to learn that comes with blessing and love. Our inmates look forward to receiving your materials in each letter we send them, as we are blessed to be able to. Huge thanks for your love, prayers, and support over the years.