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Letters & Testimonials — motion tracts

Here are some encouraging excerpts from the feedback we receive regarding how the Lord is using the various ministries here at Moments With The Book. Have a report or testimony to share? Please drop us a note so we can rejoice with you.


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Motion Tracts are very well received as an icebreaker to talk to people about the gospel. Folks are usually willing to take a good look at the card because it’s pocket-size with a short message, and we found they are effective in capturing people’s attention. Our church participated in a community event in May and used the motion tracts as our evangelistic gift for those who came to our booth. 


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Thank you for your tract ministry. God bless you as you help us give out the message of salvation. I love to give out the motion tracts! Everyone is awed when the picture moves or changes!


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These frog tracts (MT 21) are really fun to work with. I just say to people: "I bet you've never had a frog that waved at you." They say, "no, I haven't." Then I say: "Can I give you one?" and hand it to them. He's coming soon. God bless, thanks!


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Thank you so much for producing your motion tracts. I can't remember when I found them, but they are so useful in reaching out with the Word. Especially, giving my favorite, "smiley faces" (all three varieties) and saying "have a smile", has brought more joy not only to me, but exclamations from the recipients. It has opened so many doors. More importantly, God's Word is getting into countless hearts. I believe in the promise, that His Word will accomplish His purpose where it is sent. Thank you again!


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I was recently in the hospital for 6 days. God put me there to witness for Him to everyone I came in contact with. I gave hundreds of your motion tracts to everyone that I met. Some came in the middle of the night to check on me, They woke me up and I immediately started witnessing to them using your motion tracts. Everyone loves them!