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Letters & Testimonials — calendar cards

Here are some encouraging excerpts from the feedback we receive regarding how the Lord is using the various ministries here at Moments With The Book. Have a report or testimony to share? Please drop us a note so we can rejoice with you.


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Just a quick note to say that you all are always in my prayers. You do such good work. It is the least I can do. I would have never thought, 4 years ago, that finding a little calendar would lead to such a wonderful blessing every few months. I had that calendar, and as the year was about to change, I read the fine print, saw the address and thought that it was worth the price of a stamped envelope. Maybe I will receive a new calendar for Christmas! Well, surprise. It is the Christmas gift that keeps coming to me! Praise God! I am still here, still in God's arms and He is my Saviour, as you are my friends.


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We wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks for your generous donation to the Christmas packages for the inmates here. Many of the men receive no visits, mail or communication with anyone outside the prison. They often feel like society has completely thrown them away. But with the generosity of folks like you, they received confirmation that there are still some who believe in them, that they can change, and after they have paid their debt to society, they can make a new life for themselves. Your donation made it possible to express Christian love to some of those in most need of such an expression. This gesture may very well be a turning point in the life of some man, who will seek Christ.


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The Calendar Cards you sent are great in that they allow us to share the gospel every time we pull one out to use it. They fit right in your pocket and can be taken anywhere you go in the jail. The men here are very excited about sharing the material with other inmates in the jail, and your materials are a great tool in helping to spread the Gospel message here.


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Thank you for sending the Christian materials. Through the years you have been so faithful to provide excellent material for the jail inmates. Your graciousness to act upon God's prompting is in direct answer to prayer from us and from jail inmates. We know it is your desire, as ours, to see the Word of God placed in every hand possible.


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Thank you so much for your ministry's generosity in providing calendar cards. I hope you will find happiness in knowing each and every man incarcerated at our facility was provided a calendar. They so greatly appreciate this ministry you provide for them, as they like being able to cross off the days left in their incarceration. There were a few inmates who were thrilled to be able to turn down receiving a calendar this year, as they will be going home soon. Again, a great thank you!