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Letters & Testimonials


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I am an elderly widow and God has given the ministry of sending greeting cards to encourage, comfort, love and support those going through difficult times. I love tucking a tract or one of your motion cards into the greeting cards and bills I give to folks. It has brought opportunities to bring others to Jesus. I’m thankful that at my age God has shown me I still have a purpose for Him. God bless you and thanks again for your ministry to bring the lost to the Lord!


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Hello! I just received my latest shipment of your gospel tracts, and I wanted to take this opportunity to say, thank you for all you do to get the gospel of salvation out to all the lost in the world. May God bless you all! I leave these tracts wherever I go—retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, doctor’s and hospital waiting rooms, fast food drive-up window, etc.  Each time I leave one, I pray the Lord will convict the heart of those who pick it up. In light of what’s happening in our world, the only answer for all these massive problems is JESUS!!


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Thanks so much for sharing the good news of our risen Savior, and especially the devotional on the theme of "Blessed." What an eye and heart opener for me and family! We are so blessed by our Father, Son, Spirit, and you.


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It is such a pleasure to give these motion tracts to people as thanks for their help. I love to see their smiles as they see the motion and see the verses on the back. Thanks for your ministry!


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I LOVE the "Somebody Loves You" tracts. I joined an online card club to spread God’s love and gift through tracts. Love breaks barriers. Who doesn’t want to know someone loves them?