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Letters & Testimonials


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I am housed in a maximum security prison. Last year I had a brother here, who through the Word became a completely different man, from a violent prison gang member to a humble peaceful man with a kind heart. His transformation impacted my own character and touched my heart. This man was eventually transferred to another prison. I'm reaching out to you, because this man left behind 3 small Christian tracts of yours. I'm no fisher of men, but those small tracts were such a helpful ice breaker for me. If possible, could you send me more to share with the men here?


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I was recently in the hospital for 6 days. God put me there to witness for Him to everyone I came in contact with. I gave hundreds of your motion tracts to everyone that I met. Some came in the middle of the night to check on me, They woke me up and I immediately started witnessing to them using your motion tracts. Everyone loves them!


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Thank you for your generous donation of pocket calendars. The inmates will have calendars before the new year and your abundance has spilled over to those who have little. May the Lord richly bless you in all you set your heart to do in His name.


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Thank you so much for blessing the men here (in prison) with tracts! I only wish that y'all could see how grown men's faces light up being able to get them to share with their families.


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I had to write to thank you for producing the Motion Tracts. They are very useful in reaching out with the word. I love to give out a card with the smiley faces on it, and say "have a smile". It has brought joy not only to me, but to the recipient. It has opened so many doors. More importantly, God's word is getting into countless hearts!