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Letters & Testimonials


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Your tracts are a blessing. I personally know of one soul saved, and another one remarkable changed. Perhaps there were more—I have handed out so many tracts and I need more!


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Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the delivery of the tracts. We are having a youth night at our church soon, and they will be perfect to pass out to the children. I pray that Moments With The Book will be blessed for their stand on the Word of God.


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You made my day—how wonderful it was to receive these tracts! I get so excited just knowing I get to plant seeds out all over the place with your help. And when we all meet together that glorious day to start eternity, I pray that you and I took these seeds and planted them in rich soil.


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Once a year a realtor puts together a neighborhood yard sale, so we get a lot of people stopping by. I hand a tract to each person just before they leave, and ask them, "can I give you one of these?". Most people say thank you and take it, and a few others will ask what it is, which starts a conversation.


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I am an elderly widow and God has given the ministry of sending greeting cards to encourage, comfort, love and support those going through difficult times. I love tucking a tract or one of your motion cards into the greeting cards and bills I give to folks. It has brought opportunities to bring others to Jesus. I’m thankful that at my age God has shown me I still have a purpose for Him. God bless you and thanks again for your ministry to bring the lost to the Lord!