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One day I was sitting waiting for something, I can’t remember what. Anyways, a nice older lady came up to me and said “you are loved” and handed me one of your cards with the red rose that bloomed. I thanked her and smiled as she walked away. I still have that card many years later and I just wanted to say thanks to that lady and to your team for creating it.


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We are in LOVE with the Motion Tracts! Today was the 2nd day I’ve handed them out to the kids at the Good News Club. Each week the kids get a memory verse card that goes on a book ring for their backpack so they can easily learn Bible verses. This week we used "Is Sin Separating You From God" because John 14:6 was their memory verse. The cards are the same size as our verse cards, and they are thin enough to punch a hole in the corner so the kids could add it to their memory verse book ring! The kids LOVED them and are so excited to share the Gospel with others!!


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I just want to say that I love, love, LOVE your tracts, especially the Motion Tracts! They are simple and creative, and the gospel message is complete yet concise.


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I just finished reading (devouring!) the “Moments For You” on Noah that I received today. Glory! I have never read or preached better preaching than this! Praise the Lord! I started preaching in 1957 at Anchorage, Alaska in a women’s prison, pastored near San Antonia TX for 50 years, and I’m still preaching at 88 years. Praise God from who all blessings flow! Thank you for your ministry. May our God bless ya’ll real good, is my prayer.


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Having been saved on Friday September 1st 1961 at the age of 28 and now approaching age 90, after serving the Lord as a speaker at countless churches, Christian banquets, Bible Conferences, as well as at the White House, West Point Military Academy and and Christian Colleges etc.  I thought that by now, I'd  be acquainted with most of, or perhaps all, of God's great ministries. But for some reason known only to Him, today for the first time, I became acquainted with Moments With The Book and I have been greatly blessed by your doctrinely-sound biblical tracts and other publications. Even though I'm now 'retired', I'm still able to witness to friends, family and neighbors in the retirement community in which I live, as I eagerly anticipate The Rapture, as you very well describe it in your tract that I just ordered. Thank you and may the Lord continue...

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