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Letters & Testimonials


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Thank you for all the years of faithful giving to our little ministry. There are other ministries out there that produce KJV materials, but they are only focused on salvation, and then the new believer is left stranded. But your ministry teaches them as we do, there is a great deal more to learn that comes with blessing and love. Our inmates look forward to receiving your materials in each letter we send them, as we are blessed to be able to. Huge thanks for your love, prayers, and support over the years.


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We have a small home church that's not very big, but full of the Holy Spirit. I build small wooden crosses and attach your tract to them. So far we've put out hundreds of them, wherever people go, with no intentions of stopping. I really appreciate the quality of your tracts and especially the very reasonable cost.


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I received your Gospel of John booklet from a chaplain volunteer here in prison. I have read it everyday for the past 2 months and it has affected my life greatly and led me to accept Jesus Christ as my Savior. I have started a relationship with Him that is built on love and God's word. Thank you for publishing this amazing booklet! Could you please send me some that I could give out here in prison? There are a lot of people in here living in spiritual darkness. Thank you and God bless your ministry!


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Thank you so very much for sending me gospel tracts. I preach from them in a nursing home in my town and at the kids club in our church. Great messages for all ages and very easy to understand! God bless you!


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Just wanted to share how your wonderful tracts are helping reach so many in my own neighborhood. I do a few types of outreach. One is to hand out water bottles and rubberband a tract and pack of crackers to them. I give them to outdoor workers and the homeless. Another is to fill decorative favor bags with tracts and candies and give them out to fast food drive thru windows, stores, and community businesses on different holidays. I also make different holiday gifts with tracts for my church to distribute. I am now preparing a box of tract and candy favor bags to keep at church and challenging everyone to plant those seeds whenever and wherever they can.