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I LOVE your Motion Tracts. I recently attended an Evangelism School with Christian Motorcyclists in Arkansas. I bought a supply of your tracts before I left and dispersed them generously everywhere I went. They are so unique! It's so critical that we who love and follow God be able to speak His Name in this broken world. Even if I only have two minutes with someone, I can hand them a tract. God can use this as a seed to take root in their lives. So as God allows me to teach and encouraging His people, I will be using your tracts as an example of a great evangelism tool.


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I am writing to present my huge, written THANK YOU for working with David Berkowitz in New York (formerly known as the "Son of Sam" serial killer) to produce "The Son of Hope" tract. I have use it successfully in sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ with inmates at a state prison in California.  This particular Bible tract, since being co-produced in some measure by David Berkowitz, a convicted criminal himself, is a wonderful testimony to what Jesus Christ can do to bring transformation in humankind, from spiritual death to spiritual life, within a man's heart. Because of your work with David, this particular Bible tract has led numbers of convicted felons / inmates to a saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I am seeing the lives of numerous inmates transformed spiritually, in a reasonable and sometimes mind-bogglingly positive way, towards believing in and faithfully serving...

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My eight year old daughter was SO excited to hand out these tracts! She wanted to share them with everyone at school, even the lunch lady! Thank you for making these. We bought another set to put in our kindness bags that we hand out to the homeless. What a great resource! THANK YOU!


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My order was just delivered and the tracts are everything I was hoping for! Now my prayer is that the Lord will use them to bring people into the Kingdom of God.


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Your tracts are a blessing. I personally know of one soul saved, and another one remarkable changed. Perhaps there were more—I have handed out so many tracts and I need more!