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Letters & Testimonials


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I just read the Worry/Anxiety issue of Moments For You. It had a deep impact on me and brought about a change in my daily life. I've always fought a battle with worry and anxiety. Thanks to the issue, I'm starting to win the battle. Thank you and may the Lord bless you!


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Thank you for making it so easy to order! I look forward to sending out more post card tracts. I’ve been sending them across the nation! All my coworkers, friends and family received theirs some time ago. I am excited to hand out the booklet on Romans too! You certainly are a huge help by providing materials for witnessing. Again thank you for being a resource born again believers can turn to for materials!


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Again you have blessed us with your generous donation of tracts we will be inserting in all our Valentine's cards being distributed to our very thankful inmates. Your heart for the lost and incarcerated is a mission that must bring you many blessings and lots of love. We are very thankful to be partners with you as you bring encouragement and God's love to others.


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I have been using your gospel tracts for some time now. I am a truck driver and haul containers all over the country. On the front of the containers, we have what is called a bill box, or document holder. This is where I put copies of our Bills of Lading to travel along with the freight to the other end of the line. I have been putting tracts inside of those bill boxes. Your tracts are reaching truck drivers all over the country. They are short enough for the drivers to read "on the fly." I have yet to see any of them tossed on the ground. I figured this would be the best way to reach people without offending anyone.


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I just wanted to tell you that your tracts are BEAUTIFUL!  I have given out so many of them. I even leave tracts in the doctor’s offices and waiting rooms. Any way I can use them, I will do so.  I am the “Tract Lady”! Thank you so much for the perfect tracts!