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You may have noticed that I’ve become a regular customer for Bible tracts over the past few months … here's why:

Six months ago I encountered an elderly lady in a hospital waiting room and engaged her in conversation. She was very troubled and worried, so I asked her if she believed in God. She did not. I told her that I did and that Jesus was my Lord and Savior and that He helps me deal with difficult trials in my life.  Unfortunately, I had nothing with me to share with her other than my words. 

I promised God that I would make myself prepared from then on and asked Him to please open more doors for me to witness to others. And BOY, did He! 

I developed a Witness to Non-Believers lesson for our Men's group at church. I included how to use Bible tracts. Then I was asked to be the front man at our church booth at a local fair. Then our Pastor asked me to fill in for him on a recent Wednesday night Bible study. And now our Youth Pastor has asked me to share my lesson on witnessing using Bible tracts with the church youth group.

I'm a 64 year-old retired salesman.  And I am having more fun sharing the love of Christ than anything else I have ever done!!  

Be ready when you ask God to let you serve Him. He WILL answer and what he has planned for you may surprise it did me!

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