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Audio Library — Subject: Bible Characters


Zacchaeus realized his need as a sinner and sought to see Jesus. His need was met by Jesus and Zacchaeus received salvation.

Message Number: 22  •  Subjects: Bible Characters Salvation  •  Book: Luke

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In this message, we can see how Naaman was healed by obeying Elijah's instructions. We can only receive salvation by approaching God in the right way, through the blood of Jesus.

Message Number: 32  •  Subjects: Bible Characters  •  Book: 2 Kings

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Ye Must Be Born Again

Nicodemus came by night to be taught by Jesus. Jesus told Nicodemus that he had to be born again by believing in Him.

Message Number: 33  •  Subjects: Bible Characters  •  Book: John

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The Samaritan Woman

Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well. He gets her to see her need, satisfies her need and uses her to be His messenger.

Message Number: 34  •  Subjects: Bible Characters  •  Book: John

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Mary and Judas

Mary of Bethany and Judas were on different sides of the cross. Mary, a worshipper, dwelled in the light and love of Jesus, while Judas remained in darkness and sin.

Message Number: 43  •  Subjects: Bible Characters  •  Book: John

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