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Audio Library — Subject: Heaven

The Way to Heaven

The question is asked,"Are you on your way to heaven?" This message tells of the way to heaven in regards to how it was made, how it is opened, and how it is entered.

Message Number: 100  •  Subjects: Heaven

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Divine Openings

Heaven is open to those who open their hearts to the Lord. Study God’s Word with us as we look at this statement, as well as many other instances of things that have been divinely opened by God.

Message Number: 145  •  Subjects: Heaven

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The Sweetness of Coming Home

If you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, you will be saved and you can be confident you will someday go home to be with the Father in Heaven forever. However, those who reject Christ will never know this sweetness of coming home.

Message Number: 146  •  Subjects: Heaven Salvation

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