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Audio Library — Subject: Christ

Jesus: The Theme of the Scriptures

Jesus is the theme of the scriptures. He can be seen in various promises, pictures, psalms, and prophecies.

Message Number: 2  •  Subjects: Christ

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Three Looks at the Lord Jesus

By looking to Jesus, we can see our first glimpse must be as a sinner looking to the Savior. Then by the sight of faith, we can have Him as the sole object before us and experience the wonder and beauty of the Lord.

Message Number: 44  •  Subjects: Christ

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In the scriptures, there are many verses that speak of "Himself," the Lord Jesus Christ.

Message Number: 51  •  Subjects: Christ

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The Man Christ Jesus

The Man Christ Jesus is our hiding place. To hide in Him is to accept Him as our personal Savior and receive eternal blessings through Him.

Message Number: 57  •  Subjects: Christ  •  Book: Isaiah

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The Living Word and Written Word of God

There is a relationship between the written word of God and the Living Word, which is the Lord Jesus Christ. Both are sources of life and light, truth, food for the soul, and must be received by faith.

Message Number: 60  •  Subjects: Bible Christ

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