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Audio Library — Subject: Hymns

I Have a Saviour

God's desire for each one is to possess four blessings found in this hymn and they are freely offered through his Son.

Message Number: 112  •  Subjects: Hymns

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Voice of Jesus

Throughout the Scriptures, Jesus calls people to come. Have you come to Jesus and responded to His voice yet?

Message Number: 156  •  Subjects: Hymns

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God in Mercy

God desires to show you His grace and mercy. Will you accept His free gift?

Message Number: 165  •  Subjects: Hymns

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Christ Has Done if All

Salvation is Christ’s work alone. There is nothing we can do to earn God’s favor because Christ has truly done it all.

Message Number: 166  •  Subjects: Christ Hymns

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Jesus Died to Set Me Free

Just like the hymn “Jesus Died to Set Me Free” says, we can have freedom from sin and death because of what Jesus did on the cross.

Message Number: 280  •  Subjects: Hymns

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