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Audio Library — Book: 2 Kings


In this message, we can see how Naaman was healed by obeying Elijah's instructions. We can only receive salvation by approaching God in the right way, through the blood of Jesus.

Message Number: 32  •  Subjects: Bible Characters  •  Book: 2 Kings

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The Only Remedy for Sin

There is only one remedy for our sin and that is the blood of Jesus Christ shed for us on the cross. This message uses Naaman’s story to illustrate that the remedy for sin is not of our own works.

Message Number: 177  •  Subjects: Bible Characters Sin  •  Book: 2 Kings

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Deliverance of Samaria

Just as God delivered Samaria, He can deliver us from the captivity of sin.

Message Number: 275  •  Subjects: Sin  •  Book: 2 Kings

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