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Audio Library — Subject: Bible

Hear Him

God communicates through many ways. This message shows what it means to have the desire to hear from God, through scripture, and be filled with His truth.

Message Number: 244  •  Subjects: Bible

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The Word of Life

The first epistle of John speaks of Jesus being the Word of Life manifested. Because of this, we can have eternal life through Him and with Him.

Message Number: 255  •  Subjects: Bible Christ  •  Book: 1 John

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It Is Written

The word of God is unfailing and cannot be altered. The Bible is inspired by the Spirit of God and is written so that we can know God’s truth and have assurance.

Message Number: 265  •  Subjects: Bible

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The Bible

The Bible is unique in many ways.

Message Number: 339  •  Subjects: Bible

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Faith's Resources in 2nd Timothy (3 of 4)

In perilous times, we have the sure guide of the Word of God.

Message Number: 406  •  Subjects: Bible  •  Series: Faith’s Resources (2 Timothy)  •  Book: 2 Timothy

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