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In the wilderness, God met the needs of the children of Israel by providing manna for them. Through Jesus, the Living Bread, God provides salvation and meets the need of our souls.

Message Number: 16  •  Book: Exodus

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The Lord's Second Coming

Jesus promised to come again for those who believe on Him.

Message Number: 17  •  Subjects: Prophecy

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The Parable of the Ten Virgins

Jesus speaks of His second coming by using the parable of the ten virgins. The wise virgins speak of those who are believers and the foolish virgins are those who are unbelievers.

Message Number: 18  •  Subjects: Prophecy  •  Book: Matthew

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Unbelievers and the Second Coming of Christ

When Christ returns to the earth at His second coming, believers will rise and meet Him in the air. This message speaks of what will happen to unbelievers who are left behind.

Message Number: 19  •  Subjects: Prophecy

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The Lord's Appearing and Judgment

When the Lord appears, every eye will see Him and He will judge the world in righteousness.

Message Number: 20  •  Subjects: Judgment Prophecy

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