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Audio Library — Book: Luke

The Good Samaritan

Jesus used the parable of the good Samaritan to show that the law has no ability to give life or provide salvation. Only Jesus, the despised and rejected one, can provide salvation for us through His blood.

Message Number: 28  •  Subjects: Parables  •  Book: Luke

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The Pharisee and the Woman

While eating at the house of a Pharisee, a woman who was a sinner washed Jesus' feet. The woman came with true repentance and faith and found forgiveness through Jesus.

Message Number: 29  •  Subjects: Forgiveness  •  Book: Luke

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Calvary, Crucifixion, and the Thief

Jesus was led to Calvary and crucified along with two thieves. One thief repented and turned to Jesus, while the other one remained in unbelief

Message Number: 30  •  Book: Luke

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The Parable of the Great Supper

Jesus told a parable about a great supper to give a picture of God's invitation of salvation.

Message Number: 31  •  Subjects: Parables  •  Book: Luke

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Death is a reality we must be prepared for. Those who die having trusted Christ will dwell forever with Him, while those who reject His salvation will dwell in a place of darkness and torment.

Message Number: 58  •  Book: Luke

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