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Contrasts in Christ

When considering the incarnation, two important truths should be realized: (1) Christ became at the same time and in the absolute sense very God and very man, and (2) in becoming flesh He in no sense laid aside His deity. His full deity and complete humanity are essential to His... Read more →

Jesus is Jehovah

God is revealed in the Old Testament with many names and attributes. Look up these verses to see that Jesus of the NT is in fact Jehovah of the OT! Name or Attribute Jehovah Jesus Creator  Psa. 95:6; Isaiah 44:24  John 1:3; Col. 1:15  The First and The Last  Isaiah... Read more →

No Middle Ground

"Whom say ye that I am?" (Matthew 16:15). That question of our Lord's has been declared to be life's most important question. How do you answer it? Who is Jesus? The Muslim would say, "Jesus was a prophet of Allah, but nothing more." A Jehovah's Witness would tell you that... Read more →

Question & Answer

QUESTION: It is difficult to understand how the Lord Jesus can be God and Man at the same time. What theory do you hold to explain it? ANSWER: We hold no theory at all, and believe that all theories on this sacred matter should be avoided. The Lord's own words... Read more →

The Deity of Christ

The keystone truth of the Christian faith is the deity of Christ. Christianity, as the name implies, depends upon Christ. In contrast with other world religions, the faith which bears His Name depends not only on His moral and religious teaching but also on His character. What were the nature... Read more →

The Kenosis of Christ

The meaning of Philippians 2:1-11 has been greatly debated in relation to the person of the incarnate Christ. It is the connotation of the Greek verb kenoo in verse 7 that is disputed. It is generally translated as either "made Himself of no reputation" or "emptied Himself." Simply stated, the... Read more →

Veiled Glory

Direct testimonies are the most obvious sources of proof for the supreme Divinity of Christ. However, we are not obliged to build our faith of the Saviour's Divinity on ten, fifty, or even a hundred passages where it is directly affirmed and taught. This is because it runs as a... Read more →

When God Became Man

We can never understand the doctrine of the incarnation, whereby God the Creator became man the creature, for it is beyond the limits of finite comprehension. But we can believe it, for God has "given assurance unto all men, in that He hath raised Him from the dead" (Acts 17:31).... Read more →

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