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Question & Answer

QUESTION: It is difficult to understand how the Lord Jesus can be God and Man at the same time. What theory do you hold to explain it?

ANSWER: We hold no theory at all, and believe that all theories on this sacred matter should be avoided.

The Lord's own words were, " No man knoweth the Son, but the Father" (Matthew 11:27), and that being so it shows that there are depths of mystery about Him which the creature can never fathom. There are unfathomable mysteries in creation; is it then a surprise that there are mysteries connected with the Creator becoming Man which transcend our minds?

The truth as to the absolute and essential deity of the Lord Jesus is abundantly stated in Scripture, as is the truth of the reality, fullness, and perfection of His Manhood. To start theorizing as to how both of these things can be true at the same time is unwarranted, and often leads to error. We rather take the place of believing what is revealed, bowing our heads and worshipping.

—F.B. Hole