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David's Choice

Read 2 Samuel 24:1-14 Subtle Temptation "He moved David against them to say, Go, number Israel" (v. 1). This move evidently came from the Devil, for in another place we read: "Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel" (1 Chronicles 21:1). It was to Israel's own... Read more →

Editor's Notes

Being creatures to whom God has given the power of choice, we all have the opportunity every day to make good and bad choices in matters large and small. Big & Small Choices What is a big choice? What is a small choice? Does God care which route we take... Read more →

God's Choices Wordfind

Find the answers to the clues hidden in the puzzle. Once you have circled all of the answers, the leftover letters will spell out a saying of Jesus. Click here for puzzle grid Who said to Michal, "the Lord, which chose me before thy father"? (2 Samuel 6:21) Who did... Read more →

Answers to God's Choices Wordfind

David Saul Jerusalem Levites Zion Abram, Abraham Inheritance Solomon Covenant Jacob Israel Affliction Zerubbabel Saul Foolish, Weak, Mighty Salvation Faith Stone Generation Foundation, World After circling all of the answers in the puzzle, the leftover letters spell out: "Ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you" (John 15:16). Read more →

Making a Choice

In Mark 11:4 we find this phrase—"A place where two ways met." This is descriptive of so many experiences in life, and involves the making of a choice. For those who accept the Lord Jesus as Saviour, the matter of making a choice is still open regarding how that Christian... Read more →

Question & Answer

QUESTION: As a new year starts, I am faced with many different choices and decisions. Can you give me some help so that I make the right decisions? ANSWER: It is so good that you want to make right choices. Romans 12:1,2 gives us the starting point for making right... Read more →

The Power to Choose

The success or failure of everyday living depends upon your power of choice. Every day you are making decisions and your decisions form and build the network of your life and the structure of your personality and character. Not only do the choices that you make affect the direction of... Read more →

You Choose Your Future

Would it come as a shock to you to learn that, in a large measure, you determine your own future? You become in life what you really want to become. If you desire a certain career intensely enough, you will probably get it. You hold the key to your own... Read more →

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