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Many Books

When considering images for the cover of this issue, we decided that a stack of books would be especially appropriate for several reasons. First of all, this quarter’s theme is the “Book of Life” and deals with the yet-future time when “the books were opened: and another book was opened,... Read more →

The Book of Life

When studying the Scriptural passages referring to the Book of Life, it is interesting to see how many larger Biblical doctrines are touched upon. In one instance, the issue of eternal security is raised; in another, that of election and predestination; still another deals with the end times and final... Read more →

Life’s Book

The amazing design and complexity of living things provides strong evidence for a Creator. We know from the Bible that God rested from (i.e. finished) His creative work after Day 6 (Genesis 2:2,3) and now sustains His creation (Colossians 1:16; Hebrews 1:3). One aspect of this sustenance is that God... Read more →

“The Book” on DNA

Here are some facts and figures relative to this marvelous molecule. • The diameter of the DNA molecule is 2 nanometers (that’s 2 thousand millionths of a meter), while its length is approximately 2.7 meters. This means that if a model of DNA was made in which the diameter was... Read more →

Your Name

“And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire” (Revelation 20:15). God has written this and many other Scriptures using very inclusive language such as “whosoever,” “all,” and “the world” to demonstrate both the universal need and offer of salvation. Here... Read more →

Question & Answer

QUESTION: I was reading in Revelation 20:11-15 about when the books will be opened at the Great White Throne. What is this referring to? ANSWER: This is referring to the judgment of those who have died without accepting Christ as their Lord and Saviour. It is good to remember that... Read more →

Burning the Books

Scripture tells us that when unbelievers stand before the great Judge on the final day of reckoning, records will be opened which show a complete history of their deeds in order that they can be judged “according to their works” (Revelation 20:13). Every thought, every deed, every unjust motive, every... Read more →

I Care Not For Riches

Lord, I care not for riches,    Neither silver nor gold; I would make sure of Heaven,    I would enter the fold. In the book of Thy kingdom,    With its pages so fair, Tell me, Jesus, my Saviour,    Is my name written there?  Lord, my sins they are many,    Like the... Read more →

Written to Stay

Upon the golden seashore sand    I wrote my name one day; The waves came in and when they left    My name had passed away. Upon the shifting sands of time    Men write their names today, But when eternal years roll in    Their names will pass away. Upon the spotless Book... Read more →

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