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“The Book” on DNA

Here are some facts and figures relative to this marvelous molecule.

• The diameter of the DNA molecule is 2 nanometers (that’s 2 thousand millionths of a meter), while its length is approximately 2.7 meters. This means that if a model of DNA was made in which the diameter was 1 meter, the length of the model would have to be 1350 million kilometers (about 3840 times the distance from the earth to the moon).

• A molecule of DNA consists of millions of atoms which vibrate and swing continuously; some movements even resemble breathing. The frequency of vibration falls in the same range as the electromagnetic spectrum from radio waves to infra-red radiation.

• When a DNA molecule splits up, it rotates at a speed of about 250 revolutions per second (that’s 15,000 RPM), and ten thousand “letters” can be copied in a second.

—From Did God Use Evolution? by Werner Gitt