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Letters & Testimonials


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I would like to receive all four volumes of your Daily Bible Reader. They have been a really big help to me and I'm reading more of the Bible that I ever have. Thank you so much and God bless.


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I am an elderly person in my nineties who discovered the ministry of tracts at an early age. I don't know how many thousands of them the Lord gave me the privilege of giving to people both here in the US and in South America. Only eternity will reveal that, plus the souls saved in the reading of them. I am so glad I was introduced to your tracts. "Have a Good Day" is one of my favorites. Not one has ever been refused. People say, "Have a good day" and I reply, "The same to you, and also have a good forever." Praise the Lord, His Word is still sharper than any sword. God bless you for all your work in reaching souls for eternity.


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Each morning that I read the Bible, I use as my bookmark, a Moments For You cover. This particular cover is from the issue on the Mediator. The photo has helped me so much when I have needed to escape this cage. I would like to be added to your mailing list and know that my wife would also like receiving your publication.


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I gave my life to Jesus on July 27, 2012, the day after I was arrested and incarcerated. I consider myself to be blessed to be given the opportunity to repent of the wickedness that ruled my life, and to spend everyday, whether in prison or "free", serving and obeying God. By His grace and guidance, I've been active in Bible studies in every dorm that I've been housed in, as well as witnessing and sharing for Christ. I am writing to ask for reading material that will further my development and growth. Thank you for the work you do for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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I just wanted to thank you for blessing me with so much free reading material. I cannot wait for your next mailing! I send everything home to my family and I'm sure they enjoy it.