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Letters & Testimonials


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Just wanted to say thank you for your ministry. We love the materials available.


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I wanted to let you know that you are such a blessing to me! I made very good use of the Life-Death mini tract cards that you sent to me. Many were blessed by reading the Word. I consider it a blessing to be used to spread the gospel. I do it all day, everyday, so any tools you can provide me with will definitely be used, loved and very much appreciated.


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I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful tracts and booklets you've sent me throughout the year. I find your little tracts very useful. A lot of us prisoners gotta play the "tough guy" role, so even if some may be curious about Christ, they won't ask. With the tracts, many act as if they will throw it away, but actually keep it to read later. Your tracts are planting many small seeds.


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I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the literature that you sent me. I absolutely loved all of the stuff that you sent. They were very cool to read, and they helped to clear some things up for me. I have just recently been saved and it's the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. I am trying to change every aspect of my life so that when I get out of prison, I can come back a changed man. I want to shock the world when I get home. Getting saved was the first step. Your literature and tracts have been so helpful to me. Thank you so much again!


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Thank you for all the literature you send us. We believe each inmate will be blessed and touched by these pamphlets. Your graciousness to act upon God's prompting is in direct answer to prayer from us and the jail inmates.We know it is your desire, as ours, to see the Word of God placed in every hand possible. Because of your kindness, it is now possible for us to do the work to which God has called us. We have no idea of the lives that will be brought to Jesus because of the materials you provided, but we can say to you we will plant it, care for the crop, then, when we all get to heaven, we will see the harvest.