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Letters & Testimonials — moments for you


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I am an inmate who received a copy of Moments For You through a Bible study course I am taking. I would love to receive it regularly. The issue on worship was very moving. Can I get a few extra copies to share with my fellow inmates? We struggle with truly worshipping our Creator and how to do so according to scriptures. Thank you so much!


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A friend of mine shared a copy of Moments For You with me. I am deeply grateful and felt quite motivated to inform you how impressed I am with this timely literature. Can you please put me on your mailing list to receive future issues?


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Thank you so much for the great Christian literature. I really enjoy handing out and reading all of your booklets and tracts. I read the Moments For You and meditate on the things that they teach. It really helps a new Christian like me.


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We have been enjoying Moments For You for many years now. I recently gave your address to each of the families in our church, encouraging them to write to be put on your mailing list. We would like for each of them to be as blessed by your booklet as we have been. We especially enjoyed your most recent issue on the subject of worship. Many times my husband has used thoughts gleaned from your booklets for his sermon. May the Lord richly bless your ministry. You have truly been used of God to encourage study of the precious Word of God.


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I was so blessed by the writings in the last issue of moments For You. The theme "Worship" was so powerfully written. I am a worshipper and it answered and explained so many truths about worship. Thank you for putting together such a powerful and truthful message. I will be sharing it with many other believers who really don't get what worship is about. To God be the glory!