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Using tracts has been a part of my life for 51 years—since I got saved.

As a very troubled sinful young person, I left home and lived on the streets. There were gray-haired “old ladies” that were Christians and would be on the street corners with their shopping bags of tracts. They always told me of Jesus, never condemning me, but always pointing me to Jesus. And letting me know that He loved me and could help me. They were faithful.

There are many parts to the story of coming to Christ, but eventually I got to that place. I was given lots of tracts and kept them even before I was saved. My very favorite one was “The White Rose”—it touched a spot on my troubled heart and soul.

When I finally came to Christ, I told Jesus “When I grow up in You, I want to be just like those ladies”. I said that because I saw Jesus in them. Of course, they were very human, but they really loved Jesus.

They, of course, are with Jesus for awhile now, and I am “the gray-haired old lady”. Praying and trusting Jesus for souls into the kingdom.

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