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I want to tell you how I used these tracts recently. I had a very poor relationship with my landlord. She would get very upset with me, and then I would react by getting more upset. It was a mess. Some of this was caused by the older house we are renting continually needing repairs that neither of us could afford.

Recently, I took a leap of faith and mailed a check for a garbage disposal repair I couldn't afford, to try to reimburse her. I wanted to do what was right in her eyes and add some blessings. I wrote "God is in control" in the memo line. I mailed her the you are loved tract and the Jesus is the only way to heaven tract. Today, I heard from her and she will not cash the check. This relieves an enormous amount of financial strain, and is an answer to prayer. And, she wants to be friends. Thank you so much for your tracts. May the Lord bless, help, and prosper your ministry in every way!

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