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I want to thank you ALLL for your faithfulness and devotion to the work God has called you to. I just received my recently ordered motion tracts so quickly. Thank you. I've used them in so many places ... one of my favorite is the lighthouse motion tract and the butterfly tracts. I have come up with an alternate response to 'how are you' when I go through the drive through window, or pick up anything, or go into any store. My response is, "Thanks to you, I'm going to be better." I make sure I have their eye attention when I say it. Then I ask, "In fact, I'd like to give you a small thank you, may I give you this card?" They are not expecting that, and it seems to make their day every time I assure them that I'm not one of those who feel entitled and that I don't take for granted that they are there. Blessings!
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