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The MWTB ministry has been such a blessing to ours over the years! Your booklets and tracts are excellent quality, eye-catching, and on point with the Word of God. So many of our residents at the jail are clueless about Jesus and these tracts may be the catalyst for them to take the eternal life-changing step.

Out of our five cell blocks, the equivalent of three of them are isolation units. They may only have one hour out of their cells each day. We go door to door in those units and offer Bibles, Bible studies, reading material, prayers or words of encouragement. Many do not want our "religious crap." I'll say, "Well then, how about a present? Would you like something fun?" This gets their attention and when I hold up a cartoon tract or two, their eyes light up! I've never been turned down.

I know I've requested a lot of material and if it is too much, please trim where necessary. But I promise whatever you send, we will use it all! Blessings to you all and keep shining for Jesus.

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