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I have been passing out these tracts that I purchase from you for the last 10 years. I used to hand out other, more traditional tracts, but rarely received the positive response that I get from giving out the [cartoon] tracts. A few years ago, I used to go through a McDonald’s drive thru for lunch a few times a week. Almost every time, I had the same cashier: a young man. Even though I knew that I had already given him a tract, I still gave him one each time. And, each time he thanked me. One day, I chose not to give him one, because I was low on tracts. As I was about to drive away he says to me, "Where’s my pamphlet. You forgot to give me one." I laughed and told him that I had given him so many I didn’t think he needed one.   He replied, "But I always give them to the people I work with. They love them."  I was so elated and gave him a few. Lord willing, the tracts will some day encourage him to seek God and get saved!!
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