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I know tract ministry works, because it changed my life.

Back in 1968, a young girl and her father were handing out tracts in east Des Moines, in a bar district where I frequented. One Saturday night I was bar hopping and I saw the man give something to his daughter. She then came and handed it to me. It was a tract. I thanked her and put in my jacket pocket.

Two weeks later I put that same coat back on and I found the tract. I read it, and it really made me think. I went out to the bar that night anyway, but in a few short weeks, other incidents happened that made a life-style change for me. That tract was the point that made me think and changed my life.

Over the years the Lord has blessed in so many ways—I am amazed. Every time something happens, I see that little girl and her tract. I really believe the Lord sent her that night.

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