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 I have been doing a lot of Christmas shopping I hope to get most of the tracts I ordered handed out.  When I am out, sometimes when a worker in the store helps me, I say "Hey - I really appreciate your help.  Here is something to thank you.  This is a Christmas card.  Merry Christmas."  And they are usually like," Wow, thanks!"  Then, when I am standing in line, I just start chit chatting with people behind and in front, and I say, "I have Christmas cards I like to pass out to people - here, Merry Christmas."  And also sometimes I am just shopping and somehow a conversation gets struck up with people looking at whatever I am, and I say, "Hey - it was really nice talking to you, etc.  I'd like to give you something - Merry Christmas."  And I hand them a track.  Of course, there are also the grocery store lines, the bank, and especially, the restaurants. Love your tracts - they are just beautiful!

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