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Charles, NC

I wanted to thank you for your generosity in giving us all those colored wristbands and accompanying tracts. They were such a hit!  We gave them out in several locations. In some places, we were literally mobbed. At the Wawa elementary school, we passed out over 300 of them as the principal gathered to entire school together to hear the Gospel message. I know those kids will always remember receiving those bracelets, and even if they lose the tracts, they have the message printed inside the bracelets.  Eternity alone will reveal the value of this gift you gave to us.

I have attached a picture for you to see.  In Opol, I was passing out the wristbands, with another brother passing out the tracts. A 17 year old girl that attends meetings there, thought it was funny how the kids were clamoring for them. I handed her the bag and asked her to pass some out. They mobbed her so badly, I had to take the bag back and finish giving them out. You can see the look of distress on her face!

We continue to pray the Lord will bless these efforts to share the Gospel to these dear young souls.

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