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Ways to Use Tracts During Summer

The summer season is the perfect time to share the good news of salvation. Check out these fun ways to use Gospel Tracts!

Ways to Use Tracts During Summer

  • Distribute before a fireworks show
  • Hand out at parades and festivals
  • Include with a generous tip in restaurants
  • Distribute at zoos
  • Share with people at picnic areas
  • Hand out at the beach
  • Share with the person who gave you a haircut
  • Give to the mechanic who serviced your car
  • Distribute from booths rented during fairs or carnivals
  • Hand to anyone who works in your house (electricians, plumbers, etc.)
  • Hand out during special community outreach programs
  • Include with treat bags
  • Hand out with candy
  • Share with people at car shows
  • Hand out at farmers’ markets
  • Use your imagination for endless possibilities!

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