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Ways to Use Tracts at Church

Church services and outreach events provide unique opportunities to share the Gospel. Discover how your church can use tracts to enhance its ministry in your community.

Ways to Use Tracts at Church

  • Use as a teaching tool
  • Give to visitors at Church—the Gospel can go home with them!
  • Post on bulletin boards in public areas
  • Include in gift bags for vacation bible school students
  • Take overseas on mission trips
  • Get permission to place in a tract rack
  • Distribute from booths rented during fairs or carnivals
  • Place in church bulletins
  • Give to attendees of a church choral program, concert, or event
  • Include in disaster relief packages
  • Place in Thanksgiving or Christmas baskets to share with needy community families
  • Give to Sunday School students
  • Fill a tract rack at your church
  • Use as a conversation starter
  • Leave a tract at each home you visit while caroling
  • Hand out at church dinners or potlucks
  • Use tracts to communicate in languages you don't speak
  • Hand out during Christmas programs
  • Include with treat bags
  • Mail postcard tracts to family, friends, and community members
  • Use your imagination for endless possibilities!

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