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Ways NOT to Use Tracts

Avoid unnecessarily offending people by following these simple guidelines while distributing Gospel Tracts.

Ways NOT to Use Tracts

  • Don’t leave tracts on cars: more people complain about this than anything else
  • Don’t litter—tracts left outdoors can easily blow around and become a nuisance to those who have to clean them up
  • Don’t leave tracts in Post Offices or other places where literature is prohibited
  • Don’t force tracts on people
  • Don’t be rude when someone turns down your tract
  • Don’t trespass
  • Don’t tape (or otherwise attach) tracts to people’s doors
  • Don’t leave a tract in place of a tip (or with a tip of less than 15%)—it is a very poor testimony
  • Don’t use bad tracts—make sure they are attractive and contain the true Gospel message
  • Don’t use tracts that you haven’t read—be familiar with what you are distributing
  • Don’t nail or staple tracts to trees
  • Don’t use ugly tracts—God’s priceless gift deserves to be well-presented
  • Don’t do it alone—seek God’s guidance and blessing at every turn

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