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Ways for Quiet People to Use Tracts

All believers are called to share the Gospel—even shy ones. Learn how you can let Gospel Tracts do the talking for you!

Ways for Quiet People to Use Tracts

  • Put in returned library books
  • Include with a generous tip in restaurants
  • Place in greeting cards
  • Put in pockets of used clothing given away
  • Leave in motel rooms (in drawers or near the Gideon Bible)
  • Include with bills paid by mail
  • Place near other reading materials in waiting rooms
  • Enclose with letters to pen pals
  • Leave on a bus, cab, or plane seat
  • Leave in a gym locker
  • Place in break room at work
  • Enclose with Christmas cards
  • Enclose with letters to prisoners
  • Leave for paper and mail carriers
  • Hand to anyone who works in your house (electricians, plumbers, etc.)
  • Include with annual letters
  • Leave in dressing rooms of clothing stores
  • Use as a conversation starter
  • Leave in the lobby of a motel or hotel
  • Use as a teaching tool
  • Give to trick-or-treaters
  • Give a tract, along with the money, as you pay at a fast food drive-thru
  • Mail postcard tracts to family and friends
  • Use your imagination for endless possibilities!

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