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Ways for Outgoing People to Use Tracts

Are you a people-person? Explore these captivating ideas for using Gospel Tracts to guide conversions into topics of eternal importance.

Ways for Outgoing People to Use Tracts

  • Share door to door
  • Evangelize on busy street corners
  • Hand out at parades and festivals
  • Hand out at stadium entrances before sporting events
  • Give to store employees
  • Hand to valets
  • Give to patients at hospitals and nursing homes
  • Distribute at zoos
  • Share with people at picnic areas
  • Hand out at the beach
  • Hand out on college campuses
  • Distribute in bus, train, and subway stations
  • Share with the person who gave you a haircut
  • Give to the mechanic who serviced your car
  • Distribute from booths rented during fairs or carnivals
  • Hand to anyone who works in your house (electricians, plumbers, etc.)
  • Hand out during special community outreach programs
  • Leave in newspaper machines
  • Use as a conversation starter
  • Share with people waiting in a restaurant
  • Distribute to people who are waiting for an event
  • Give a tract, along with the money, as you pay at a fast food drive-thru
  • Use tracts to communicate in languages you don't speak
  • Share with people at car shows
  • Hand out at stadium entrances before concerts
  • Be ready to share with Jehovah's Witnesses
  • Use your imagination for endless possibilities!

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