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Dogs Are Special And So Are Their People

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The full text of this tract is shown below in the NKJV version. (Do you want to print this tract in a different version than the one listed? Contact us and let us know what you're looking for—we may be able to create the alternate version for you at no charge.)

There is no doubt that we love our dogs and share a special connection with them. Every day they help us to forget the challenges around us.

Because of their innocence, unconditional love, and loyalty, they help us to focus on the more soothing side of life.

Our dogs can provide us with a learning experience, which can have long-lasting consequences—IF we allow it.

See if you recognize your dog in what follows …

This message was inspired by Roxie, Bernadette, Gus, Abby, Lucy, Freeway and Little Dog

There are good dogs and there are bad dogs, but there are no perfect dogs. Even the best dogs fail to meet our expectations 100% of the time, even though we know they love us.

When they do fail, we usually don’t get rid of them. We correct them, we attempt to change behavior and—most importantly—we continue to love them.

When we fail, God continues to love us, too.

Jeremiah 31:3 – “Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love…”

Some dogs (especially rescues) are at peace with their circumstances—their People, where they sleep, when they eat. They don’t worry too much.

God wants that same peace for each of us.

Philippians 4:6-7 – “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

Do you ever think that your dog is reading your mind, or is somehow on the same wavelength as you? That may be a result of the exchange of sincere love between the two of you.

God shares the same kind of love for you and is “tuned-in” at all times.

1 Chronicles 28:9 – “…for the LORD searches all hearts and understands all the intent of the thoughts...”

Does your dog understand WHY you tell her to do something? Does she see the danger that you see? No—but she does what you ask, because she has trust in you. She loves you and wants to please you.

If we trust God and do what He asks, then He has a reward for us—Eternal Life with Him.

John 3:16 - “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” NASB

We have much greater knowledge than our dog. He may smell, hear, and see better than we do, but when it comes to true understanding, we know more.

God has much greater knowledge than we have. He created us. He knows our hearts. He wants to share His limitless knowledge with us.

Jeremiah 33:3 – “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.”

Dogs have free will. If we provide water, they will drink when they want it (good decision). If we allow them to roam, they may follow that intriguing scent into the street (bad decision).

God has given each of us free will too. He allows us to make THE decision which determines where we will spend eternity.

Romans 6:23 – “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” NASB

Have you noticed that when your dog wakes each morning, today now becomes the “best day ever”? She is eager to see you, communicate with you, and make you her most important person.

Each morning, God would love to see you have the same eagerness for Him that your dog has for you. After all, God has given us another day to live the plan that He has for each of us. Make each day count—today could be your last one.

Psalm 118:24 – “This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” ESV

The saddest thing for a dog must be to be totally committed to someone who does not reflect that same commitment, but instead ignores him.

That’s how God must feel, when He offers us His grace (unearned forgiveness) and unconditional love, yet we choose to ignore Him. If we do nothing, then we are rejecting his incredible gift of Eternal Life in Heaven.

2 Peter 3:9 – “The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.” ESV

When you’re walking your dog and she sees something of concern, does she look at you for reassurance? To your dog, you are her trusted companion for life.

God wants to be your trusted companion—in this life and the next. God wants to give you peace.

John 14:27 – “Peace I leave with you…Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

When our dog feels fear from fireworks or thunder, we comfort him. While he is trembling, we wrap our arms around him so that he knows that he is safe.

God will do the same for us—He is ready to wrap His protective arms around us, whenever we feel fear, loneliness, despair, or lack of love.

2 Samuel 22:3 – “The God of my strength, in whom I will trust; My shield and the horn of my salvation, My stronghold and my refuge; My Savior, You save me from violence.”

Have you seen the video of a bear walking into a yard, then being run off by the resident Chihuahua? This tiny dog had courage far beyond her own awareness; she was protecting her people and her territory—the things that she loved.

God gives us this kind of courage when we truly trust and love him.

Joshua 1:9b – “Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

Dogs want to please us—most of the time! They all get distracted at times and do things that we prefer they would not (like going deaf and forgetting their own name—no matter how loud we call them).

God experiences the same problem with each of us. That little voice inside us can be easy to ignore. If we do ignore it, the consequences are severe.

John 12:48 – “The one who rejects me and does not receive my words has a judge; the word that I have spoken will judge him on the last day.” ESV

So, did you learn anything from your dog?

2,000 years ago, God sent His son Jesus into this world, to live and to experience exactly what we experience each day. Jesus understands us. He wants to bring peace to our lives. Invite Jesus into your life right now. Simply saying some words does not make that happen—it must come from YOUR heart—but maybe this prayer will help you get started:

“Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner and I repent of my sins. I know that You loved me enough to die for my sins, and that you were raised from the dead.

I invite You into my heart right now, as my Lord and Savior. I promise to learn what You want me to do, and to do my best to honor You every day. Amen.”

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