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A Symphony Of New Life

Special-Order Folded Tract

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The full text of this tract is shown below. (Do you want to print this tract in a different version than the one listed? Contact us and let us know what you're looking for—we may be able to create the alternate version for you at no charge.)

Beloved, as the gentle winds of spring whisper through the budding trees, I pray that your heart would be awakened to the glorious symphony of new life all around you. May your eyes be opened to see the tender flowers emerging from the earth, their delicate petals painting the once-barren landscape with vibrant splashes of color (Song of Songs 2:12). As you witness the miracle of creation unfolding before you, may your soul be filled with wonder and awe at the masterful handiwork of our Heavenly Father.

Step outside and breathe deeply of the sweet, fragrant air, letting the gentle breeze caress your face like the tender touch of a loving God. Listen closely, and you’ll hear the joyful songs of the newly-hatched birds, their tiny voices lifted in a chorus of praise to their Creator (Song of Songs 2:12). May their melodies be a reminder to your heart that the season of hiding and barrenness has passed, and a new season of life and song has begun (Song of Songs 2:11).

Just as the winter rains have soaked the earth, preparing it for the birth of new life, may the challenges and trials you have faced give way to a blossoming of your spirit (Song of Songs 2:11). Trust in the gentle hands of the Master Gardener as He tenderly cares for you, nurturing the seeds of faith and hope He has planted deep within your soul (Song of Songs 2:13).

In the midst of this glorious spring, take a moment to listen to the whispers of creation, for the heavens declare the glory of God, and the skies proclaim the work of His hands (Psalm 19:1). Though they have no speech or words, their voice resounds throughout the earth, inviting you to join in their eternal song of worship (Psalm 19:3-4). May the beauty of this season be a loving message from your Heavenly Father, reminding you of His constant presence and unfailing love.

Arise, my darling, and come away with your Beloved (Song of Songs 2:13). Walk hand in hand with Jesus in the secret garden of your heart, and let Him fill you with the joy and peace that surpass all understanding. May this new season bring forth a fresh outpouring of His Spirit in your life, and may your soul blossom with the radiance of His love, spreading the fragrance of Christ wherever you go.

A Prayer for a New Season of Life

Heavenly Father, Creator of the universe and the Giver of all life, I stand in awe of Your infinite wisdom and boundless love. As I witness the beauty of spring unfolding before me, I am reminded of Your power to bring forth new life from the depths of the earth. I thank You for the tender blossoms, the singing birds, and the gentle breezes that whisper of Your goodness and grace.

Lord, I come before You now, seeking Your divine presence and Your touch in this new season of my life. Just as You have awakened the world from its winter slumber, I pray that You would awaken my heart to the wonders of Your love. Breathe Your life-giving Spirit into my soul, and let me feel the warmth of Your embrace.

I ask that You would guide me through this season of growth and transformation, helping me to let go of the barrenness and brokenness of my past. Prune away the dead branches of fear, doubt, and despair, and make room for the new shoots of faith, hope, and love to sprout and flourish. Nourish me with Your Word, and water my soul with the dew of Your presence, that I may grow strong and bear fruit for Your Kingdom.

As I step out into this new day, may I carry with me the fragrance of Your love, spreading the aroma of Christ to all I meet. Help me to sing a new song of praise to You, joining my voice with the chorus of creation in worship of Your holy name. Give me eyes to see the beauty You have hidden in each moment, and ears to hear the melodies of Your grace that echo through the ages.

Thank You, precious Father, for the gift of this new season, and for the promise of new life that springs forth from Your heart. I trust in Your unfailing love and Your perfect plan for my life, knowing that You are the Master Gardener who tends to my every need. May I abide in You always, rooted and grounded in Your love, and may my life bring glory and honor to Your holy name.

In the precious name of Jesus, my Redeemer and my King, amen.

–Steve Porter

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