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Are You Ready For A Merry Christmas?

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In all of our Christmas preparations and celebrations, we must not overlook that Christmas is about the coming of Jesus Christ.

Jesus came from heaven to earth to offer Himself as a sacrifice for everyone. He paid the price for our sin when He died on the cross and rose again.  But only those who receive this special gift from God will be with Him in heaven for all eternity.  This is a decision you must make while you are alive on this earth (read John 3:1-18).

Before Jesus returned to Heaven, He promised to come back to earth again, this time as King. When you stand before Him, will you be qualified to be with Him forever? Now is the time to realize that none of the good deeds people do will qualify them to go to heaven with Him.  You can truly only be ready if you receive His special gift of salvation.

Have you received this gift of God? Have you put your trust in the only Savior, Jesus Christ, and called out to Him for forgiveness? 

A simple belief and confession will get you started on your spiritual journey. Then you will want to connect with other people who trust Jesus for their salvation, develop a relationship with Him, get knowledge of His Word and apply it to your life.

Jesus, I want to receive salvation in You
   Pease help me where I may doubt
I want to live with You forever in heaven
   Please do not let me be left out
Lead me in the path of righteousness
   To turn from all my past sin
Help me to believe in You
   Jesus, I want to be born-again

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