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What a Tract Can Do

Early in 1819, while waiting to see a patient, a young physician in New York took up and read a tract on missions, which lay in the room where he sat.

On reaching home he spoke to his wife of the question that had arisen in his mind. As a result, they set out as foreign missionaries for Ceylon, and later, India. For thirty years the wife, and for thirty-six years the husband labored among the people there, and then went to receive their reward.

Apart from what they did directly as missionaries, they left behind them seven sons and two daughters. Each of these sons married, and with their wives and both sisters, gave themelves to the same mission work. Before long, several grandchildren of the first missionary become missionaries in India. And thus it was soon that thirty of that family had given 529 years to the Lord in India, and Glory will only reveal the fruit of that one tract.

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