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Buy up the Time

Buy up the time! Buy up the time!
   'Tis swiftly passing by;
The precious days, the golden hours,
   The moments—how they fly!

What was accomplished yesterday?
   What are you doing now?
Do you not see how great the need?
   Get busy with the plow!

Turn up the soil and sow the seed,
   Water it with much prayer;
You'll be surprised how much 'twill yield,
   Good ground will richly bear.

There are vast fields in this great land
   That waste and idle lie;
Abundant fruit they could bring forth—
   But time is going by.

And friend, while souls are perishing,
   Are you not fast asleep?
Or with the world so much engrossed,
   You do not care to reap?

Oh, linger not on beds of ease!
   There's work for you to do;
The fields are white to harvest now,
   The laborers—they are few.

There's many a thing that you can do;
   Go! labor for the Lord;
Give out a tract or sing a hymn,
   Or speak the suited word.

Are there not sick ones near your home;
   Tired mothers needing rest?
Or fretful babies lacking care;
   Old folks with lives unblessed?

Ah, Christian, 'tis not time to sleep.
   Awake and rub your eyes.
Perhaps your neighbor is in need—
   Go to him while there is time.

Buy up the time! Buy up the time!
   Waste it not away:
Our promised rest is just ahead—
   Buy up the time today!

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